Smart Wallet

The Infinity Economics Universal Smart Wallet is a platform/gateway to all types of financial transactions, smart contracts and decentralized applications on the XIN ultra advanced hybrid blockchain.

The XIN Universal smart wallet allows you to complete transactions on any known blockchain, in any exchange, and using any electronic payment system on the planet, and also all fiat or paper currency.

Key features to the XIN coin are a universal wallet usable for everything from lightning speed daily transactions to complex smart contracts and p2p trading, with a bridge payment system to convert to any currency including cash, cryptocurrency, or any electronic payment method.

With the Infinity Universal Wallet you are able to hold all your cryptocurrency and assets in one safe & secure digital wallet

Infinity showcases a beautifully designed and easy to use interface dashboard to perform any desired transaction.

XIN is your accessible interface to all blockchain applications, and used to buy and sell whatever you like on the spot.