Smart Money

MCW'S XIN is a smart and multi-functional currency, as it immediately interfaces with any type of currency, cash or cryptocurrency, and all electronic payment systems like Visa, MC, AMEX, paypal, etc, so to be used anywhere around the world. 

Send and receive money and payments like an email, without fees, and pay for or offer products and services instantly anywhere across the globe.

XIN is designed with a superior lightweight and advanced blockchain technology, serving the world need for a new and global free market economy with a decentralized global currency that has advanced functionality and usability.

XIN is literally smart currency. XIN can learn, trade, manage contracts, run your business, secure your wealth, plan your future, just about anything. Global transactions are instantaneous and secure and performed at a tiny fraction of the normal cost.

            XIN is an open source, full service decentralized community with online banking service as well as a complete and secure financial and economic platform capable of safely managing the entire economy of the universe.

MCW provides access to over 40 million products and services.