MyCryptoWorld asks this question. What will we make of our future? Here are the answers.

Man has accomplished incredible things throughout history. In the last few hundred years alone we have experienced inventions ranging from electricity to combustion engines to space travel to the Internet and still we strive onward with advanced futuristic technologies that are simply astounding to the mind.

However, we still have some very substantial weaknesses in our society and our consciousness. We continue living in a world of war, destruction, abuse of our planet and its natural resources, of violence and discrimination, scarcity and poverty, and untimely death for many many people around the world.

We have children dying unnecessarily of hunger and disease and others being sold as slaves into prostitution and other horrendous lives, and countless acts of terrorism all around the world. These realities are unthinkable for most of us.

So, how do we go about changing these weaknesses and transform them into our strengths?

How do we transform society into One of advancement into higher consciousness where we attain all of our positive traits and where all of our weaknesses have become strengths?

How do we eliminate these weaknesses for good and move beyond a world hell bent for destruction, without destroying everything?

Well, these are the questions that finally have answers.

MyCryptoWorld offers the world the tools to accomplish our task.

Gifts given to us from God, the higher consciousness.

MyCryptoWorld Plan       The New World Organism       The Peaceful Revolution

First, we transform the economy through the use of a new type of currency called crypto-currency and a new technology called the blockchain. These are made available to you through MyCryptoWorld´s crypro-asset.

MCW utilizes the most well-established and valuable cryptocurrencies that exist today to create a superior application technology world coin encompassing the best cryptocurrency technologies and blockchain applications.

We solve distribution and value challenges by using these coins to distribute crypto-wealth throughout society and also to provide a true reserve value system by maintaining a large crypto-asset reserve within the community as real value for our multi-asset coin.


Second, we transmit our energy using newly developed designs and applications of inventions made by Tesla of a free energy generator, whose technology was invented over 100 years ago and lost from common society. Today, a blue print for recreating free energy out of space is now available to the world as a gift of Universal invention, with the possibility to bring an end to unnecessary starvation and suffering around the world.

MyCrytpoWorld opens up access to these wonderous inventions for you.


Third, we take back control of our health and wellness by implementing a new system of diet, excersize and meditation which utilize new technology and understanding to produce the most fantastic nutrition, health, and spiritual conscious experience that we have ever imagined possible.

MyCryptoWorld brings you access to these resources as well.


These are just the beginning of all that MyCryptoWorld has to offer.

How we move into the future of our world is up to us. As we make the necessary difficult decisions, we teach our children and loved ones a new way of life through our own experiences, actions, and intention.

A fulfilling life of love, compassion, acceptance, abundance and Oneness.

If this sounds good to you, all of these revelations and more are made available for FREE to everyone around the world through the MyCryptoWorld Community, as we do not wish to exclude any person on earth from these fantastic discoveries.

For those of you who have the financial capability to make a small investment in these and other future technologies, MCW offers the most advanced and lucrative financial asset the world has ever seen, the MyCryptoWorld crypto-asset.

We invite you to claim your stake today in the prosperity of our financial future.

This is an active investment into the future of our world economy, and the potential for gaining millions and millions in earnings are very very powerful.

You could even say, life changing.

Please contact us to learn more.

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