A universally transparent full service financial platform


Smart Money

MCC is a smart and multi-functional currency, as it immediately interfaces with any type of currency, cash or cryptocurrency, and all electronic payment systems like Visa, MC, AMEX, paypal, etc, so to be used anywhere around the world. 

Send and receive money and payments like an email, without fees, and pay for or offer products and services instantly anywhere across the globe.

MCC is designed with a superior lightweight and advanced blockchain technology, serving the world need for a new and global free market economy with a decentralized global currency that has advanced functionality and usability.

MCC is literally smart currency. MCC can learn, trade, manage contracts, run your business, secure your wealth, plan your future, just about anything. Global transactions are instantaneous and secure and performed at a tiny fraction of the normal cost.

            MCW is an open source, full service decentralized community with online banking service as well as a complete and secure financial and economic platform capable of safely managing the entire economy of the universe.

MCW provides access to over 40 million products and services.


Smart Wallet

The MyCryptoWorld Universal Smart Wallet is a platform/gateway to all types of financial transactions, smart contracts and decentralized applications on the MCC ultra advanced hybrid blockchain.

The MCW Universal smart wallet allows you to complete transactions on any known blockchain, in any exchange, and using any electronic payment system on the planet, and also all fiat or paper currency.

Key features to the MCC coin are a universal wallet usable for everything from lightning speed daily transactions to complex smart contracts and p2p trading, with a bridge payment system to convert to any currency including cash, cryptocurrency, or any electronic payment method.

With the MCW Universal Wallet you are able to hold your MCC and any cryptocurrency in one safe & secure digital wallet

MCW UW showcases a beautifully designed and easy to use template-based dashboard to perform any desired transaction.

MCC is your accessible interface to all blockchain applications, and used to buy and sell whatever you like on the spot.

Smart Contracts


Inside MCW, you can create any type of contract you need. For example, one that will hold a contributor's money until any given date or goal is reached. It could be a building contract or a marriage contract or anything at all. Depending on the outcome, the funds or any type of agreed upon asset will either be released or safely returned to the original contributors. This is all possible without requiring any managing authority, centralized arbitrator, clearing house or any type of middleman.


A crowdfund to pre-sell a business idea, service or product 

A crowdsale to sell virtual shares in any type of organization

A sale or auction of any type or number of items.

Smart Usability


MCC was designed to meet the needs of the everyday global user. By creating an ultra-fast all inclusive blockchain technology that is second to none in performance and operability, MCC ensures the world populace a currency that is usable anywhere on the planet and valuable to everyone.


The MCC client is custom built to provide an easy to use, intuitive user interface. By simplifying the digital wallet experience, MCC provides a user experience that is second to none.

Smart Source

The MCW Community is a strong supporter of open source software. Since MCC is also a decentralized global economic financial platform, the source code is public for everyone to develop and enhance. If you want to work on MCC please get in contact with us through support, and we will gladly integrate you in the development process.

// Decentralized Application ============

var sandbox = process.binding('sandbox');

call: "dapps#receive",
args: {body: "Hello MCC!"}

sandbox.onMessage(function (msg, cb) {
console.log("receive message from mcc", msg.body);

// mcc ======================

Smart Dapps



MCC's decentralized applications and custom hybrid high capacity blockchains and sidechains are the best way to maximize your IoT device or network. Thanks to our Hybrid-Platform blockchain design MCC is the fastest and most lightweight currency, dapp and sidechain network!


Decentralized applications, or dapps, are programmable applications based on MCC's unique hybrid blockchain technology, resulting in an 100% uptime and runtime. With MCC you can develop your own decentralized applications with all modern web programming technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.


An MCC Universal wallet based menu of all decentralized applications published on the MyCryptoWorld network, the MCW Dapp Store has everything possible from movies to games to web tools and powerful financial/technical applications.


Unique Chain for every Decentralized Application

All dapps run inside their own unique blockchain - sometimes referred to as sidechains. Encapsulating the decentralized application sidechains from the main blockchain of MCC keeps the network light, efficient and exponentially fast.


Each dapp developer has complete control to customize each unique sidechain designed to fit each individual needs. By default the sidechain is running on our variant of Delegated-Proof-of-Stake with a maximum of 101 master nodes

Smart Security


For superior security, MCC is maintained through decentralized servers and using deep web supercomputing technology. Any and all MCW member information is secured by the most advanced blockchain database technology known to man. 

Due to the highly advanced programming, most security searches of the MCW database websites will return unconfirmable results.   

MCW recommends users to select a second passphrase and dual authentication for each unique account. 

Multi-Signature Groups

To provide maximum security for startups and individual users we implemented multi-signature transaction authentication. You can create a multi-signature group and configure it to your needs.