1. Is MCW secure? Yes, extremely. *An important note about your security.  The MCW website and database are extremely fast highly advanced supercomputing processors and blockchain databases which receive a lot of traffic. MCW is also a DAO. Because of this, you may encounter un confirmable results when doing a security search of MCW. Rest assured, you are protected with the highest security in existence.

2. Does MCW sell/share member data? No, not under any conditions. MCW is an open source community that never shares any member information or sells any data. Your personal info is stored on secure advanced blockchain databases and will never be compromised.

3. Does MCW use malware or phishing ware? Absolutely not. The MCW site is a highly advanced, decentralized Internet database and ledger blockchain technology which only uses personal information pertinent to the desired action or transaction, nothing more.

3. What is so special about MCW? MCW is a global community with by far the most advanced blockchain platform cryptocurrency technology and investment strategy available with the power to change the world. It is a platform with high potential for achieving massive earnings during the movement to an alternative, decentralized, free market world economy.

4. Why is cryptocurrency in general so important? This is the chance for humanity to take control of its world economy and financial destiny, where individual responsibility and mutual respect become of paramount importance.

5. What is my risk? As with all investments, there are inherent risks. MCW invests in enormously powerful technologies that will transform our economic future, still there are unpredictable variables. We cannot let fear deter us from owning our future. But don't invest the fridge money, only what you can afford!

6. Why should people buy MCW investment plans? Cryptocurrency is the future of all world commerce. Even if you are a complete skeptic, MCW is a secure means to diversify your portfolio and to protect yourself in the event of a major drop off or collapse of the current economic system.

7. Why is it so important to act now? MCW is a viable solution to many of the world's ongoing crisis. We have to take this opportunity very seriously!

*If you have questions or need assistance, please connect with your MCW Community Partner and they will be happy to help you. Connect Now.