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SET UP SMART from the start

If you haven't heard much about bitcoin or cryptocurrency these videos will bring you up to speed quickly on everything you need to know. Enjoy!

Bitcoin Intro Video


One of the most important steps you will need to take is setting up an exchange account. This is where you can buy and sell your cryptocurrency and also trade your cryptocoins for cash to deposit into your bank account.

For you to begin the process, there are a few documents you will need to have ready to upload to the exchange for identity verification. In almost all cases, this is necessary in order to deposit and withdrawal fiat (paper) money through a bank account.

Here are the documents you will need to scan and have ready in digital format for upload.

  1. Copy of your valid passport or country ID
  2. Copy of utility bill, no more than 3 months old, with your name as it appears on your ID. If you don't have a utility bill use whatever type of bill you have with your name on the bill.
  3. Copy of photo of yourself holding your passport or ID next to your face, to either side. Take a close up and a full body shot to upload.

*Always use your real name and all other information in your application as you will be rejected by the verification process for any incorrect data.

You can also buy bitcoins faster through peer to peer exchanges like, where you can locate and purchase btc from someone or service in your area. You will likely need to pay a small premium % over the market price of btc in this case as the seller is usually looking for a small profit.

If you live in the United States, adjacent are two videos that guide you through the account registration process for the top 2 exchanges based on total volume, They are and

Where you live will determine which is the best exchange for you to use.

Click below to see the major exchanges to select one right for you.

If you are new to cryptocurrency the first order of business is to learn about bitcoin.To make it easy to pick up the basics, we have posted educational videos starting from the beginning with btc, bitcoin.

Click here for educational videos. Enjoy your education.

Bitcoin and the blockchain Video

How to register with coinbase video

How to open your kraken cryptocurrency exchange account.